Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prison bus on our way out of New Orleans

Bostick State Prison, Hardwick, Milledgeville Georgia, Baldwin County GA. More pictures at

Scott State Prison, Holly Building, Hardwick,Milledgeville GA. More Milledgeville city pictures at

BOSTICK State Prison, Hardwick, Milledgeville Georgia, Baldwin County GA. More detention pictures at

Tyler PD Motorcycle Traffic Stop on Public RD{ Is this a PERMISSIBLE Subject for Photography..? Streets, Sidewalks & Parks are FIRST AMENDMENT PROTECTED AREAS across from Ridge Apts on Paluxy Drive ( Texas Code of Criminal Procedure-Art 2.133 Written Report Required for Traffic Stops and Pedestrian Stops) Art. 2134 Compilation of Data [Racial Profiling Data] - Radar Guns Must be Calibrated Daily with a TUNING FORK and The Calibration Recorded in a Log book- Meticulous Record keeping required by Law [ This is why there is NO ERROR RATE or GREY AREA in High-Tech Surveillance- Daubert Test Required

What advice did I give the Maintance Man's son (Seated on 2nd Step NO SHIRT) when this Tyler PD Detntion was over (Investigating a Assault-ie Fight) “ Get The Police Report and Were They Courteous and Respectful and did They have Reasonable Criminial Suspicion and Probable Cause.? ” For Instance The Rodney King Video was Shot From a Second Story Balcony of a Apt Complex (Private Proprerty) onto PUBLIC PROPERTY where LAPD Officer Stacy Konn That White Rascit GOON has No Reasonable Expectaion Of Privacy.. Insde a Mall LIke The SW Center Mall (Private Property) Unless There is a Sign stating No Photogrphy on Premies If you have Permision t Enter You have Permission to Shoot- UNLESS The Subject Has a Reasonable Expectaion of Privacy like a Barthroom or Dressing Room. If Mangement of The Burlington Coat Factory- Gives a Case and Desit orcder on Private Property You have to Stop Shooting. but The Common Area of The Mall and Other stores are Still PERMISSIBLE .. The Parking Lot is PERM

Sgt Perkins Supervisor of the Tyler PD in Specific of Offc. Hudson Whom Had Stopped me on The Sidewalk in Front of Alberston's Claiming that a Caller saw a Black male walking in the Middle of The Street with a Camera and Papers in Hand . I told Offc Hudson that this was a False Report Texas Penal Code 37.08 and then Hudson stated “ You are Detained, Now Show me Some ID and I explained the 5th Amendment and the Texas Penal Code Failure To ID and The Difference Between a Terry State vs a Hibel State (ID required during Detention or you can be arrested) Hudson Then stated that ”YOU CAN BE ARRESTED FOR FAILURE TO ID “ I explained again that he needed to Look Up The Law and Call The Dispatcher and Look in Police Chief Magazine and the Dallas Morning News for The Explanation of AFTER The ARREST and That If He Did Arrest me He would Have No PROBABLE CAUSE Under the Texas Penal Code 38.02. I then Told him To look in His RED BOOK of TEXAS PENAL CODES just Like The Tyler PD False Detention on Front St -Cotton

Tyler PD Offc Bernend with the RED TEXAS PENAL CODES BOOK IN HIS LEFT HAND Like Casting PEARLS TO SWINE !!! As we READ The Texas Penal Code 38.02 FAILURE TO ID I even Pointed to the WORD WHEN ARRESTED and EXPLAINED This Meant AFTER THE ARREST but He and Sgt Thompson Insisted That I could be arrested for FAILURE TO ID DURING THE DETENTION and Then The Next SECTION stated DETENTION and They Exclaimed That They WERE NOT FUCK_UPS !! I Patiently Explained That This Meant If One Gave a FALSE NAME DURING THE DETENTION which Then Resulted in PERPLEXING LOOKS FROM ALL THIS INCOMPETENT PIECES OF SHIT THAT I WAS SURROUNDED BY and was WASTING My TAXPAYERS DOLLARS and WASTING MY TIME when They Could Be Fighting REAL CRIME // or Finding The Manufacturer of THOSE DENTAL AMALGAMS !!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Newly promoted Lieutenant Reed of the Flatwoods Police Department

Omnious smoke from the La Brea Fire 08/11/09.

Shasta Hotshots monitoring situation at the La Brea Fire.

La Brea Fire in Cuyama Valley.

Dirty News Unit!

Random Drive-By Shooting in Santa Maria. SMPD collecting bullets.

Video of some dogs going into Neverland Valley.

Crush of media and fans at the gates of Neverland Valley.

Even More Media.

Michael Jackson fans gather outside the gates of Neverland Valley in the Santa Ynez Valley after learning of his death.

2009 Burn Relay at Sta. 31 in Santa Ynez

T-Boned AMR paramedic unit on the corner of Lakeview and Broadway in Santa Maria, CA.

Destruction from the Jesusita Fire.

Jesusita Fire day 2 at the new command post at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara.

Pt. Sal Rescue.

End Scene of a bizarre kidnapping in Santa Maria, CA. Woman was accused of walking into Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, taking a baby, and taking it home to Santa Maria.

Great Seal of the City of El Paso de Robles, CA

Another look at a fatal accident.

Santa Barbara City Police Chief Cam Sanchez along with County of Santa Barbara District Attorney Christie Schultz, and representatives from the DOJ, FBI & ATF announcing a major crackdown on gangs in Santa Barbara. Gangs... in Santa Barbara? Who would have thunk it?