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Gilroy Gardens and local Police Station

24 Hours of LeMons - July 2007

"Where Industry and Agriculture Meet"Tracy District Chamber of Commerce(Back cover)


RICHARD RODRIGUEZRichard Rodriguez was convicted of the execution-style murder of a man on April 16, 1972. The victim was scheduled to be a witness in a trial when he was killed. When Rodriguez was arrested, he was in possession of numerous weapons. He was sentenced to life in prison and was incarcerated in the California Department of Corrections, Deuel Vocational Institute, in Tracy, California. Rodriguez escaped on December 30, 1978, by cutting through the prison bars with hacksaw blades obtained from the machine shop at the institution. He then lowered himself to the ground with a rope made from bed sheets and climbed through a double fence between guard towers during dense nighttime fog. A federal arrest warrant for Rodriguez was issued on January 10, 1979, in Sacramento, California, after he was charged with unlawful flight to avoid confinement.

Cal Ripken Jr.'s Hall Of Fame Plaque


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A Los Angeles police officer puts his head down at the Interstate 5 Antelope Valley Freeway interchange where a fellow officer died after a 6.6 earthquake, which devastated the San Fernando Valley and killed 32 people Jan. 17, 1994. Officer Clarence Dean was killed as he rode to work in the dark. His motorcycle soared off a severed edge and crashed into the shattered overpass 43 feet below. For Californians, dealing with earthquakes is almost a way of life. But, for every earthquake as well as other disasters, there is a human toll that we are never prepared for. What is so strong about this picture is that is shows the devastation, but it also shows the humanity all in one photograph, a rare, haunting combination. (AP Photo/The Orange County Register, Dave Yoder) MANDATORY CREDIT

State Troopers Alaska.. Law enforcement

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WTC tower memorial

070609-A-7186W-076 – In the early morning hours of June 9, Paratroopers from Company A, 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, prepare to begin a mission in the village of Pana in the Andar district of Ghazni province, Afghanistan, June 9. Afghan National Police searched the homes of the villagers while the Paratroopers provided security them. The cordon and search was part of Operation Mai Wand, which is focusing on creating a link between the people of Ghazni and their government. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Jim Wilt)

police story

Like Father, like Son in a police car

tpc set-up 9-18-08

Long Range Day-Night Camera EV-3000 low maintenance, powerful, camera system color imagery day intensified monochrome image night the day a high resolution monochrome Gen III sensor is automatically switched into the optical path making the system into a highly sensitive night vision camera. EV IT-4000 EV IT-7000 Thermal IR CCTV Camera Long range detection/Surveillance at 0 Lux IT4000 is an cooled thermal imager with lenses 300m, 600mm, 750mm, and 1500m with range up 20 km detection of truck IT7000 is an uncooled thermal imager with lenses 100mm, 150mm, and 210mm range up to 5 km EV- IR Laser camera IR Illuminator identification vehicle/car plates at 0 Lux Identification driver / human Thermal camera like vehicle's driver HDTV Security camera High Definition CCTV Camera EV-mobile Car/Vehicle day night IR PTZ patrol camera Wireless Video Networking Analog and Digital Video Link, Point to point, point to multi-point video networking. Long range up to 40 km/ City, Airport, Campus, and Mobile Video networking.

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date: Jan 20, 09slug: UnionStationphoto by: Zelena Williamslocation: Union Stationcaption: The Inauguration brings people from around the country and world. We interview people waiting in the early morning at D.C.'s Union Station. Special Agents of the Office of Security, Strategy, and Special Operations for Amtrak. (One would not I.d. himself)

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