Friday, January 25, 2013

‘Serial Killer in the Making’ to Serve Life in Prison

‘Serial Killer in the Making’ to Serve Life in Prison:

Quintin O'Dell. Police photo.
A man called a “serial killer in the making” by prosecutors has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the 2011 killing of Alissa Shippert in Platte County, Mo. Quintin O’Dell, 23, also pleaded guilty to disemboweling Brittany Costello, 21, who survived.
According to O’Dell’s confession and courtroom testimony, he had been wading across the Platte River on May 31, 2011, when he saw the 22-year-old Shippert. He approached her and they started talking, but then he attacked her with a hatchet, fatally striking her in the face. Shippert’s murder remained unsolved until O’Dell caught the attention of police later that year. On Christmas night, O’Dell visited Costello at her home. The two were drinking and at one point, O’Dell sliced open her stomach. He later described to police how Costello’s intestines fell out of her body and onto the floor.
As part of his guilty plea, O’Dell avoids the death penalty, something that Shippert’s family is OK with.  ”I’m relieved that it’s all over with,”  her father, Landis Shippert, told KMBC. “[The prosecutor] had to make a decision about whether to seek the death penalty or not, and we said we just wanted it to be over with, we don’t want to be (dragged) through court.”
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